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After a 20-year hiatus, Ikarus is making a successful return to Germany

Ikarus builds its export markets with long-term rental construction and unique developments that fit market needs

February 14, 2023. Székesfehérvár – Ikarus, the iconic Hungarian bus manufacturer, is successfully building its partnership with Germany. The proof of the reliability of the emission-free test buses operating in the country is that, after the 2 Ikarus 120e operating in Malsch, more electric Ikarus buses are being put into service in Germany thanks to the MBB Meininger Busbetriebs transport company, which leases two newly developed two-door buses on a long-term basis. The agreement to this effect was signed today by the head of the MBB Meininger Busbetriebs, Mirko Peter, and Zoltán Sipos, the CEO of Electrobus Europe.

At the end of last year, Ikarus developed the two-door version of the locally zero-emission 120e series for the needs of foreign customers. As a result of the development, the number of seats has increased, further improving passenger comfort. In addition to the 2-2-0 door arrangement, the desired speed of getting on and off is also ensured.

The long-term rental scheme, in which the customer will not be the owner but rather the long-term renter of the buses, is adapted to market needs, so even service providers with smaller budgets can expand their electric bus fleet. In this case, the bus's warranty service is carried out by Ikarus, so in addition to the low operating costs, the budget for maintenance will also be minimal.

"Electrobus Europe's goal with this long-term rental scheme introduced this year is to radically reduce the public procurement time for purchasing electric buses, which often extends to a year and a half. In this way, the partner can receive the ordered Ikarus electric bus within three months," said Zoltán Sipos, CEO of Electrobus Europe.

The electric buses, now leased for eight years by the German transport company MBB Meininger Busbetriebs, will soon be on their way to their destination. MBB is currently operating a three-door Ikarus electric bus with a similar design. Two other Ikarus 120e demo buses serve as a shuttle at the Biathlon World Championships in Oberhof.


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