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Our main goal is not only to provide convenience services with the smart functions in Ikarus buses, but for them to become integral parts of the Smart City concept.

As buses are practically continuously present in urban transport, they are capable of conveying the greatest amount and most extensive body of information for cooperative transport systems and the self-driving world that is still just taking shape.

Telemetry can also help exchange information with other transport participants that can facilitate more precise machine-based decisions, as the world is definitely heading in the direction of driving assistance and self-driving solutions.

A significant portion of the data and information required by the smart bus project is forwarded to our central servers via a telemetric system, where it is stored in a big data environment for further processing. In the case of some of the received data, where the measured amount is enough, i.e. speed or temperature, the data can be used without any extensive processing. However, in most cases, the received data is examined and analyzed in its context, often with the use of artificial intelligence, allowing us to draw conclusions from the interplay of various features. These conclusions can greatly assist in the training of optimal driving styles and identifying the ideal timing for preventive servicing – thus true, intelligent service skills and developmental requirements.

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